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Sorry it’s been awhile.  Life has been crazy.  We’ve continued to heal from all of our troubles, and have even encountered more craziness along the way.  Such is life!    A couple weeks ago I surprised Will with a cabin at Red River Gorge.  We had a great time relaxing, drinking […]


As time goes on we have been able to handle our sadness better.  Life certainly threw us some curve balls since my last post.  We had a cancer scare with Will the week after our miscarriage, which thankfully turned out to NOT be cancer.   Will had to have a surgery […]

As time goes on

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, this sucks.  There is no easy way around it.  Will and I are grieving the loss of what we thought we had.  And it’s sad, really really sad.  We are working through it together.  Yesterday I had my D&C surgery to take out the “products of […]

Doing our best

We found out today that we lost our baby.  Our raspberry is gone   No heartbeat.  We’re crushed.   Everything was perfect at our 6 week ultrasound, and now at 8 weeks it’s gone.    Goodbye Ralphie Clovis Throckmorton “Morty” Coe Atkinson.  We loved you even though we never met you.

A sad day

gummy bear
Yesterday we were 8 weeks prego!  Our baby is the size of a raspberry or gummy bear  (or kidney bean as some websites say, but raspberries and gummy bears seem so much cuter).  He/she doesn’t have much of a tail anymore (way to not be a tadpole child of mine!)    The baby […]

8 Weeks

melting pot
Last Friday was our 7 week mark, and our baby is currently the size of a blueberry! The baby is about half an inch long (doubled in size from last week).  Our genius embryo is developing about 100 new brain cells every minute- wowzers! Will took me out to a […]


first ultrasound
We had our first ultrasound on Wednesday (8/8/11) and saw the heartbeat!! YAY!  Our baby was measuring perfectly at 6 weeks and 3 days.   Will came to my work, and our nurse, Gayle, did the scan for us.  In 3 more weeks we go to my OB where we will […]


a sweet pea
Our baby is 6 weeks old today!  He/She is about a quarter of an inch long, and the size of a sweet pea (or lentil, or bb pellet depending on what website you are checking out).   It (seems so impersonal, but easier than typing out he/she every time) has tripled or quadrupled […]

6 weeks

go cards 1
As many of you may have noticed (stop hitting reply all!), there has been an email argument about which team our child will root for (Kentucky or Louisville).  Let’s just go ahead and get it out in the open. Even though we live in Lexington, without a doubt there will be another Louisville fan in […]

U of L

Sooooo my Dad and Uncle decided to look back through generations of Coe names to “help” us find a family name in case we have a boy.  My Dad came up with Throckmorton…but wait!  Throckmorton is related to kings! and vikings! and all sorts of royalty!  THANKS Dad.    And then Uncle […]

Clovis Throckmorton

IMG_1232 7
So, as soon as we found out we were pregnant, I had to hatch a plan to tell my family.  I didn’t want to just call, so we waited until the next weekend to go in town and visit.  Joey was my first victim… he was the only one home […]

Telling my family

blood level 3 1
SO,  the shock of being pregnant after having my first emergency surgery wore off after about half a day and the excitement and happiness started to set in.   Keep in mind, I knew I could be pregnant this month, I just was kind of hoping to start over with a […]


When we first found out
PREGNANT!!!! Ahhhhhh, so excited, yet so scared at the same time!! My boobs hurt so I decided to take a pregnancy test early Sunday morning, and I saw TWO lines!!  It is very early on (only 9 days past ovulation) so the lines were faint, but definitely there.  Just to […]


All of this waiting SUCKS.  On the bright side, we are now termite free.  Next step is getting  a baby in my belly!   GET IN MY BELLY!  (Austin Powers anyone?) I have to be honest, all of this not drinking during social occasions and taking prenatals etc is getting really obnoxious when […]


UGGGGGGGGGGGG  We have f’n TERMITES.  Seriously.  What bad timing.  It aggravates me to no end.  We have spent a year detoxifying our house and lives, AND NOW we get to have a ridiculous amount of pesticides sprayed in the walls and foundation of our home.  Fucking fantastic.   So, after freaking […]


Well, as I’m sure you might have guessed, all of the tests were negative.  SO, this is a new month  *sigh*.   At least all of the jitters of the first month of trying are out of the way.   Of course, I’ll update along the way…. wish us luck!

Another Month

Negative pee test     It’s still really early to test (it’s only 10 days past ovulation and most don’t get a positive until 13 days), so I suppose there’s still a chance.  However, body signs (I’ll spare you the details) are also pointing to no, and seem to be gearing up […]

This Morning

So the title of this post kind of makes it sound like I’m a chicken, right?  Before I got in the world of embryology, I had no idea that human embryos actually hatch out of their shells too.  First things first though, yesterday my (possible) morula should have expanded out […]

Blastocyst & Hatching