Planning for Pregnancy

first ultrasound
We had our first ultrasound on Wednesday (8/8/11) and saw the heartbeat!! YAY!  Our baby was measuring perfectly at 6 weeks and 3 days.   Will came to my work, and our nurse, Gayle, did the scan for us.  In 3 more weeks we go to my OB where we will […]


All of this waiting SUCKS.  On the bright side, we are now termite free.  Next step is getting  a baby in my belly!   GET IN MY BELLY!  (Austin Powers anyone?) I have to be honest, all of this not drinking during social occasions and taking prenatals etc is getting really obnoxious when […]


UGGGGGGGGGGGG  We have f’n TERMITES.  Seriously.  What bad timing.  It aggravates me to no end.  We have spent a year detoxifying our house and lives, AND NOW we get to have a ridiculous amount of pesticides sprayed in the walls and foundation of our home.  Fucking fantastic.   So, after freaking […]


Well, as I’m sure you might have guessed, all of the tests were negative.  SO, this is a new month  *sigh*.   At least all of the jitters of the first month of trying are out of the way.   Of course, I’ll update along the way…. wish us luck!

Another Month

Negative pee test     It’s still really early to test (it’s only 10 days past ovulation and most don’t get a positive until 13 days), so I suppose there’s still a chance.  However, body signs (I’ll spare you the details) are also pointing to no, and seem to be gearing up […]

This Morning

So the title of this post kind of makes it sound like I’m a chicken, right?  Before I got in the world of embryology, I had no idea that human embryos actually hatch out of their shells too.  First things first though, yesterday my (possible) morula should have expanded out […]

Blastocyst & Hatching

An embryo on day three should have 8 cells.  Ideally, each day we want our embryo to double in cell number.  We also want our embryo’s cells to be of equal size and have no fragmentation.   The better organized an embryo is, the higher likelihood of producing a lasting pregnancy.  Imagine […]

3 days old

If I’m pregnant, here’s what our embryo looks like today: Our embryo should have 4 cells today (called blastomeres).   Each of these cells contain both mine and Will’s DNA combined.  In fact, right now the unique genetic make up of our future baby is already determined.  These cells are totipotent, which means […]


  Soooo this is the week that we “try to make a baby.”  Ovulation is a GO, I repeat, Ovulation is a GO.  Holy Moly!  I can’t believe it.    After lots of practice, hopefully we can get it right (HA- sorry, Dad!).   Because of working in a fertility clinic, I definitely know […]

This Week

WOW.  So this is the month.  The month we begin “trying.”   We’ve been planning so long that I just can’t believe it’s here.   As luck would have it, I got super dehydrated and sick from being in the sun too much this past Sunday, which was the beginning of THE […]

June 1st, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been married 3 years already! And dating for 9!  It was my turn to plan our anniversary trip this year.  We went to West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana and had a wonderful and relaxing time.  We spent our evenings sitting on our balcony overlooking […]

3rd Wedding Anniversary

I thought this was hilarious (thanks Emily!).  The following is a Mother’s Prayer by Tina Fey ————————– “First, Lord: No tattoos. May neither Chinese symbol for truth nor Winnie-the-Pooh holding the FSU logo stain her tender haunches. May she be Beautiful but not Damaged, for it’s the Damage that draws […]

Tina Fey’s Prayer

So this entry is about my sister.   My crazy sister.  She is going to be more excited than anyone in the world when I become pregnant.  It’s rather hilarious really.  She started up about a year ago when coupons and free formula started getting delivered in my name to my […]

My Crazy Sister

After taking prenatals, the next step was to go to my OB/GYN.  This is the woman who I will be intimately involved with for the next year, pun intended.  At the fertility clinic where I work, we recommend a prenatal screening blood test BEFORE pregnancy.  That way if there is something wrong, […]


The first true step.   PRENATALS!   Eek! It’s becoming real!  Of course I had to research the bejesus out of all prenatals.  The saying is that all prenatals are the same…  I find this statement stupid.  You can look at the content of the prenatals and clearly see that they are […]

Prenatals…. Eek!

Well, this is it….. the beginning.   For years Will and I have been talking about having babies.  We’ve been together almost 9 years, married for 3, and the time has come.   We are now in full swing  baby planning!    Given my occupation, I am keenly aware of my “biological clock.”  […]

The Beginning