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Hi my Lucas Walter, The month of November (and let’s be honest, half of December already but we’ll just focus on November for now haha) have already flown by.   You definitely know what you like and don’t like, and you’re not afraid to voice your opinion.   Your favorite […]

16 (16.5) Months- November

A glimpse into our night (click the link). lucas’ favorite song.   (Don’t mind the toys he just exploded across the room)  

Dance Moves

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Hello Little Lucas Walter, It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with writing these blog posts for you, you keep us busy!!  October was another fun month.  You are 32″ tall, and 21 lbs 11 oz, (78% height, and 14th percentile in weight… still tall and skinny!)  Your favorite book […]

15 (15.5) Months- October

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Lucas Walter, We recently went on your very first real vacation.  It was awesome!  We went to Maine for a week, and visited our friends,  Auntie Laney and Uncle Terry.  We flew out of Lexington on Delta, had a layover in Detroit, then on up to Portland, Maine.  You did […]

Your 1st Vacation- Maine Sept 2013

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Hi my little Lucas Walter! Life has been so hectic lately, I’m getting behind on your posts!  We recently went on your very first vacation, and it was wonderful (more on the vacation in a different post).  Due to vacation, and Mommy (Mama according to you) being promoted to Supervisor […]

A very late 14 month post

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Hi Baby (Toddler) Boy, You are 13 months old now (or maybe I should say 1 year, and 1 month?  That sounds strange).   This month we’ve seen a huge developmental leap in you.  You are really starting to show us how much you understand, and also even using words. […]

13 months

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My Baby Lucas Walter, I guess you’re technically not a baby anymore!  You’re a toddler now.  We have a toddler?!? You’ve gone from a tiny, helpless little creature that laid on my chest all day long, to a tough little boy who loves to walk around, head butt people, and […]

12 Month Post

Dear Lucas Walter, You are ONE! ONE! ONE!  Oh my!   This year has absolutely flown by.  We love you more than we ever thought possible.  You’re such a sweet little boy (and sometimes rotten!)     This post is all about your birthday. One year ago on July 19th, 2012 at 6:57pm, the […]

Your First Birthday!

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Hi my baby Lucas Walter, I find myself wanting to say again (I know I keep saying it!) how fast time is flying, and how quickly you are growing up.  Please slow down baby!   This past month has been another month of a lot of firsts.  You are babbling a lot now, […]

11 Month Update

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Lukie Walter, You were 11 months on the 19th, and we took this picture on the correct day, but never got around to posting it…    You are growing out of the picture!  Just look at your head compared to the line on the chair.  So big!! And of course this […]

11 Month Comparison Pic

Hi everyone!  Lucas’ video of “How are Babies Made?” is one of the finalists on The Bump’s funniest baby contest, I just noticed the email from yesterday so we’re already a day behind in getting votes! You don’t have to enter any personal info, all you have to do is scroll […]

Vote for Lucas!

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Hi Baby!  Wow-o-wow I can’t believe it’s time to write another monthly update ( late again, this update doesn’t include the last week of May yet).  This month has been jam packed full of firsts for you.  You went to your first Derby party, and we bet on the Derby […]

10 Month Update

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Our sweetest Lucas, You are now 9 months old!  (Actually, 9 months plus a week and a half because I’m late writing this.)  Each month I can’t believe how much you’ve changed.  First of all, you’re BIG!  You’re getting so long  (even wearing some 18 month size pants and outfits!).  […]

9 Month Update