15 (15.5) Months- October 1

Hello Little Lucas Walter,
It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with writing these blog posts for you, you keep us busy!!  October was another fun month.  You are 32″ tall, and 21 lbs 11 oz, (78% height, and 14th percentile in weight… still tall and skinny!)  Your favorite book right now is “A you’re adorable”, although you love all books that have flaps you can open, or things you can touch in them.  You especially love the Spot books.   Your favorite meal is a crockpot meal that has chicken, sweet potatoes and squash, and then pears for dessert.  You love love love pears.  It’s a good thing, because you are allergic to most of the other fruits.    You love listening to music, and you do a little happy feet dance.   You still love animals, they’re probably your favorite thing right now.  Your favorite toy is your blocks, you love to dump them out then put them together, then throw it on the ground and do it again.   You also still love your kitchen, and putting things in and out of the cabinets.   You whine to go outside because you love it so much.  Anything outside makes you happy.     You have turned into a good sleeper (when you’re not sick or teething).  You go to sleep around 7:30-8, and stay asleep till about 5am, when we get you and put you in bed with us.  You then proceed to thrash around for the next hour.    You are babbling a lot more and love to say “bye-bye” and wave at people.  You also blow kisses, and make animal noises.   You recognize some colors when we ask you to point to them, and can identify many of your body parts.  You know how to sign “all-done” when you want down from the table.  You had to get vaccines this month, and at the same time you had 4 molars breaking through.  It was a tough couple of weeks, but you now how tons of teeth!  All the better to eat with!  You love Dada’s cooking now.  Some of your favorite are the chicken/squash/sweet potato I mentioned earlier, and curry chicken with tofu and veggies, beefy vegetable tomato mix over cous cous, you love pasta and any kind of tomato sauce.  We’ve had to be creative with your meals since you’re allergic to everything under the sun, but it’s getting easier as time goes on.

This month was your second Halloween, but your first one trick or treating.  You also went to your first Halloween party, and your first Haunted House, first corn maze, and first hayride.  You picked pumpkins, visited with family and  friends, went to petting zoos, made your first fort and overall had all sorts of fun.  You still love to play with Rylie and Graham every day, and are getting older every time we close our eyes.  I’m sure there is so much more that I’m forgetting.  Most importantly, we love you.














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One thought on “15 (15.5) Months- October

  • Aunt Pat

    Sara and Will:
    Your beautiful boy has gone from baby to boy altogether too fast!
    If you had as many children as Gooch – just think you would only have time to eat and blog to keep up!!! Eeek!!

    It is such fun to watch him grow. He is such a good looking kid!!! Maybe he will grow up to be a Vet! He loves animals so!!