Your 1st Vacation- Maine Sept 2013 1

Lucas Walter,

We recently went on your very first real vacation.  It was awesome!  We went to Maine for a week, and visited our friends,  Auntie Laney and Uncle Terry.  We flew out of Lexington on Delta, had a layover in Detroit, then on up to Portland, Maine.  You did awesome on the planes, and thought running up and down the airport terminal was pretty fun too.  You were pretty high maintenance, but as long as we constantly entertained you, and gave you lots of snacks, you behaved.  You loved opening and slamming shut the window shade on the plane, as well as hitting the overhead light on and off.     Terry and Chloe (the dog), came to pick us up at the airport.  You were thrilled to sit next to a dog that actually paid attention to you, as opposed to Annabelle who runs the other way when she sees you (since you pull her hair!).

Laney and Terry live in Auburn, Maine.  The scenery was gorgeous and they were kind enough to take us all around their part of the state seeing the highlights.  We got to visit all around Auburn, Portland, Camden, Freeport, Kennebunkport, Acadia National Park, and Bar Harbor, just to name a few places.    You did great, even though it was a lot of driving.  We were armed with snacks (and Chloe, and Daddy) to keep you amused.   We tried to time our drives when you were sleeping so it was less painful for us all.  You got to go to an apple orchard that you loved, and a wild animal preserve.  You were so excited to see all the animals that had been rescued. You liked throwing food to the animals and rawr-ing at the bears :)    You also got to go to the beach and get in the ocean for the very first time and you LOVED it.  You would cry any time we took you out of the water.  It was about 70 and sunny so we didn’t think you would want to put more than your feet in, but you insisted on getting completely wet.  Luckily we always travel with a change of clothes.    You liked getting to explore, and even picked up your first seashell and gave it to me (I kept it, of course).

We had such a wonderful time visiting our friends, we’re so lucky to have people around the world that love us!



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One thought on “Your 1st Vacation- Maine Sept 2013

  • Aunt Pat

    Gooch Avenue – what a hoot.

    I decided LW learned those “Happy Feet” moves from eating oysters in Maine!!!
    Pure joy on his face getting wet in the ocean. I love his dimples!
    He needs a little sister!!!! Looks like you had a great vacation in Maine. Having great friends is so nice. Love to you all!