11 weeks, we have a human! 3

Yay Sticky Rainbow! You’re still growing!!  You look so much more human-like now!   We had another ultrasound on Friday 12/30/11.  So your actual age was 10 weeks 4 days.   Your heartbeat was 174 bpm and looking great!  I have continuing problems with spotting, so the Drs are watching me very closely to make sure you’re okay.  But you’re a trooper!!  You’re continuing to make Mommy suuuuuper sick.  I told Daddy it was his satan spawn doing it to me, and he said it was my deviled egg  :)   You have some odd parents!    Anyways, I have been doing my best to cope with the sickness, but I lost 5 pounds in one week, so I had to start taking the medicine (Zofran) that the Drs gave me to help with the nausea.  I was really hoping to not have to take anything, but in the end it is safer to make sure you get your nutrients.    We go back to the Dr this week to check for your heartbeat again.  It makes us so nervous and anxious before every appointment, but so relieved when they tell us everything is okay.  Keep growing baby!

Here is your ultrasound pic from Friday:  look at your cute little ears and hand!


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