Lucas- February 2016

Lucas My Love,

Feb. was another busy month for us (which month isn’t? haha).  As I said last month, you were cleared by the pediatric neurologist from having a tumor or tourette’s or anything else terribly wrong with you.  Relief was so great, we cried every time we even thought of how lucky we were that you were healthy and okay.  After leaving the neurologist’s office we celebrated by us (just you, me, and Daddy) going to the Newport Aquarium.  We splurged and upgraded to meet the penguins.  You had such a great time going back stage and getting to pet penguins.  We were happy beyond words to share that experience with you after receiving such amazing news.    Also this month your PopPop took you (and me) to the circus in Louisville.  We had amazing seats, and you loved sitting in your PopPop’s lap with your blue lightsaber.  We also had to get your first cotton candy, of course.  You even danced with other kids in the center ring at intermission, and got to meet a clown.   You had a blast!

This month was also Valentines, and lucky for you, your lady love, Ms. Rylie Grace came over to Elyse’s so we could do our annual Valentines photo.  It’s so sweet to see you guys year after year.  Also this month was Emme’s first birthday.  You had a great time celebrating with her, and playing with your friends at her party.   You got to blow out her candles for her, and thoroughly enjoyed helping her rip open her toys, and then you immediately wanted them to be yours and play with them hahaha.

You are LOVING school, and doing great.  Your teacher says you are a sweet boy, and you and Rylie are joined at the hip.  We are so proud of you Lucas Walter, love you so much my boy.













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