March 2016 1

Hello my babies!

Spring has sprung! And kids are growing older by the second in our house.  Emme, you are now saying “Bubba”, and Lukie you LOVE that your sis can say your name.  We had a huuuuuuuuge yard sale this month (Lucas, you were dismayed that we sold some of your stuff haha), and we officially got rid of all the baby and maternity stuff.  We made a bunch of extra cash, and used the money to get an awesome new patio set for our backyard, a new shed to store outdoor toys, as well as paying for our condo for next month’s beach vacation.  We must have had a ton of crap to sell, hahaha!    You both have LOVED eating outdoors at our new table, and it made our backyard that much more enjoyable.  Emme, you still love to eat dirt and rocks, feel free to move past this stage soon (news flash, I’m writing this post 5 months late- as of August, you still like to eat dirt and rocks, *sigh*).   Lukie, you LOVE to race your cars around the firepit wall, and ride your bike around it too.   Emme, you are desperate to be a big kid at only 13 months old.  We turn around for one minute and you have already climbed up the very tall ladder to get into the top of your Bubba’s clubhouse on the swing set.  We seriously can’t take our eyes off of you for one minute!

We had two holidays this month, the first being St. Patrick’s day with you both dressed in your adorable greens, and the second, much more exciting holiday was Easter!  Boy Oh Boy was the Easter Bunny good to you guys. We went to PopPop and Dammy’s house (although Dammy was in Mexico) and the Easter bunny found you there.  Lucas, you were THRILLED to see that the Easter Bunny had brought you every single one of your Paw Patrol toys (that silly bunny spent way too much money this year), you also got beach toys, and a beach towel for our first beach vacation next month.   Emme, the Easter bunny brought you the cutest Minnie Mouse outfit, and lots of beach toys, and beach stuff for our vacation next month too.  You enjoyed ripping everything out of your basket and tossing it on the ground hahaha.   We had a nice Easter meal, and then a Easter egg hunt in PopPop’s backyard!   There were SO many eggs hidden in the magic forest and all around the yard.  Lucas, you had an absolute blast, and Emme, even you enjoyed it!  It was so funny though, every time you would bend over, the egg you had just picked up in your basket would fall out, hahaha!  You had a great time copying your brother during the hunt regardless.    Trying to get a photo of you two, plus your cousin Grandin all looking at the camera at the same time proved to be difficult.  Someone was always eating a flower, or running away, picking a nose, or crying.  A challenge, let me tell you hahaha!

As for the rest of the month- Lucas you had a great time at school celebrating Dr Suess day in crazy clothes, and Wacky Hair Day.  We all celebrated Grandin’s 1st birthday with a fun party at his house, and of course you both love playing with your cousin.  Although Grandin frequently tries to eat Emme’s face, so Lucas, you enjoy him a bit more than Emme does, lol!   Before Dammy left for Mexico again, we all got to spend some time with her, and Lucas- you loved getting to play soldiers with your Muncle Mike.   Daddy built a floor in the bottom of your swingset clubhouse, so you both love going in there, and Lucas, you love pretending to sell food and lemonade.

Overall my babies, this month with filled with a lot of good quality family time.  We have loved the weather, and getting to spend  a lot of time outdoors.   A fun month :)
































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