Lucas- Oct 2015

Hi my Lukes!

October was a fun month for you!  You are at a trying age (as I may have mentioned before, 3 is NOT my fave), but you are still so fun and sweet the majority of the time.  You were so enamored with Halloween this year.  You loved watching Halloween movies, and couldn’t wait to go “krispie treating” (trick-or treating).  You would sing the song “krispie treat, smell my feet give me something good to eat, my don’t care, my pull down your unnerwear”  instead of Trick-or-treat smell my feet, give me something good to eat, if you don’t, i don’t care, i’ll pull down your underwear.   You just thought it was the funniest thing ever!  You got to make pumpkins with funny faces on them, and go to a pumpkin patch with us and your Dammy and PopPop.  You loved getting all that attention showered on you.  At the farm, there was a haunted house that had a dragon in it, and you were so scared of it- but yet wanted your PopPop to take you back in it again so you could face that dragon and raise up your sword.  From that day, to now, more than a month and a half later, you still bring up that dragon (who you say is “weird”), and about how you and PopPop raised your swords.       You also went to a Halloween party with Rylie and you and your baby sis dressed up in matching ninja turtle outfits.  It was so cute!  We called you Leonardo (“the blue guy”) and sis Leona hahaha.  She matched you, except she had a little pink tutu on with her.  So cute.    Your favorite part about the halloween party was when Captain America led us through the enchanted forest.  All along the way there were treasure chests that you got to get little toys out of.  And you thought it was really amazing that the superhero was leading the way.  You have since asked your Daddy for a Captain America shield every day (and guess what, he’s bought you two already- you’re so good at manipulation, hahaha).  For actual Halloween day, you decided you wanted to be spiderman, and we went in to Louisville to go trick-or-treating at Dammy and PopPop’s house.  You loved going house to house and getting candy, but did not want to share any of it.  Ha.  One house was really decorated with an entire graveyard.  It had a guy dressed up in a really scary costume that would jump and scare you.  You were so terrified of him, but wouldn’t leave.  You stayed until you got up the courage to go up and fist pump him.  Then you ran away.  We got half way around the neighborhood before you started begging to go back to see the scary guy again, so we turned around and went back.  Again you were SO scared of him, and took awhile to go back up to him.  Then we continued on our way.  As we ended the night, you begged to go back to the scary guy again, and finally got your picture taken with him.  It was so interesting to see how scared you were, but how determined you were that you were going to conquer it.   I wonder what’s going on in that little head of yours?  So much maturing happens every month with you!

Your Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin came in to town, and while Daddy and Kevin golfed, and I worked, your Aunt Jera took you all by yourself to Chuck E Cheese’s.  you had such a great day with her!  You even convinced her to buy you an entire fireman suit by telling her you “really really wanted it because it was soooo tool (cool)”.    After they left you were going to be and wanted to know “where are Dewa and Tebin?” and also wanted me to know “my cousins are Nafen and Tamron”.  You also loved getting to have a playdate with Rylie, and meeting her baby brother Cade.  You’ve also been hanging out a lot with your friends Lyric and Piper.   You love to swing in our backyard, and this it is SO funny when your baby sis swings next to you.   You still adore your sis.  With that adoration comes very physical displays of affection.  We’re constantly on you to be more gentle.   You call your sis- “my sis” or “baby beauty” or “baby sis” or “baby dirl (girl)”  or sometimes just “Emme”, but you are very proud to announce that her whole name is Emelyn Cafrin (Catherine) Asktinsin (Atkinson)

You are OBSESSED, and I mean reallllllly obsessed with wearing basketball shorts.  To the point that we have to put them under your clothes you’re going to wear to Elyse’s house every single day.  As soon as you get there you strip off your pants so you can just be wearing your basketball shorts again.  Once you get home, you do the same thing.  So funny.  I guess I can thank your Aunt Jera for that “basketball suit” obsession, after all, she did buy you your very first one.    You are so grown up now, you went for your flu shot, and didn’t even cry.  And you even said “Ah-lyse” for the first time instead of just calling Elyse “Leese”.    Where has the time gone my love?    Too fast.  Just too fast!  I love you my sweet boy.



















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