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Hi sweetness my Sis!

October held so many more firsts for you, it’s almost hard to keep straight!   A couple months before you 8 month birthday, you start army crawling!  Holy moly, a baby on the move!  That’s a game changer!  On the 22nd (which was exactly 8 months) you sat up by yourself, and even pushed on to hands and knees.   And just a couple short days after that- CRAWLING!!!! It’s happened so fast!    Everything has just flown by.  How do I have a baby old enough to crawl??!?     We’re in trouble now because you obsess over putting stuff in your mouth.  And now you can actually crawl over to get it.  Look out world!

Another big fun time was your very first Halloween!  Speaking of firsts, you even waved bye bye for the first time on Halloween.  Anyways, back to the subject at hand.  You had two costumes.  One you wore on actual halloween, when we went in Trick-or-Treating to Louisville to be with Grammy and PopPop, Aunt Katie, Muncle Michael, Grandin and Deanna.  You were Snow White, and the most beautiful Snow White I’d ever seen at that.  You had the most perfect porcelein skin, with dark hair and blue sparkling eyes.  I even took some pictures of you with the “poison” apples around you hahaha.  You loved being strolled around the neighborhood with Grandin while Lucas went door to door trick-or-treating.    Your other  costume was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a pink tutu on.  It was so adorable.  You and Lucas were both matching turtles for the party- we called him Leonardo, and you Leona hahaha.   You also got to go to your first pumpkin patch- out to Biwater Farms with us and your favorite brother, and PopPop and Grammy.    Just as happy as can be so long as you are in the action!

You got to meet your new friend Cade this month, Rylie’s little brother, and I’m sure you guys will be creating havoc together for Elyse in no time. Hahaha!  You also loved hanging with Lyric and Piper, as well as celebrating Eli Higgins’ first birthday.    Your Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin came in to visit, and of course you loved that as well.  You’ve had a fun time swinging in our backyard, and Lucas thinks it is SO fun to have you swing in your baby swing next to him.  Luckily you love it too!  Big smiles from everyone.

You are still a mama’s girl- always preferring me over anyone else (yaaaaay!)  You love to snuggle when you’re tired, but now that you can move, really like to be down on the floor to play.  Overall my girl, you are an amazingly sweet and funny baby.  I’m so lucky to call you mine.  I’ll love you forever and ever and ever!  Love, your Mama

























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