Emelyn’s Nursery- Vintage World Travel 2

Guess what! Guess what!! Your nursery is finally done!  We couldn’t be more pleased with it!  To be honest, I was worried that we would never be able to give you as unique and meaningful nursery as we created for Lucas.  But have no fear baby girl, we thought long and hard, and worked for months, and came up with the most perfect design for you.

The theme is World Travel…. this is such a special theme for your Dad and I.  We have traveled to many different states and countries in our near 13 years together.  As far as international travel goes- we have been to Mexico together many many times, Canada, St. Lucia, and in 2009 did a trip through England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Italy.  And we can’t forget most recently, in 2014, we took your big brother on his first international trip to England, Belgium, and France.    Some people like to spend their money on clothes, shoes, purses, cars, motorcycles, sports or other things.  But we LOVE to travel.  We love to experience new and different things.  We love to immerse ourselves in other cultures and food, and drink.  We hope to pass this love of traveling on to you and your brother.  The time we spend together as a family is priceless.  No amount of material possessions could ever come close to giving us the satisfaction of the togetherness we feel on a vacation.  Just remember that baby, these memories last a lifetime.

Your room has been a huge challenge to complete.  The first (HUGE) obstacle was our lack of storage space in our house.  We were using your room as your office, and it stored a TON of random stuff for us.  We had to clear everything out, and then decide what to do with it.  This is easier said than done!  After the room was cleared (did I mention that was a nightmare?), we then had to replace some flooring, baseboards, and quarter round that the dog had ruined, and patch some areas on the wall.  We then pulled the faux beadboard off the walls, and Dad went to work prepping the room to be redone.  We had to replace all the chair rail as well, because the previous owners had put some cheap, fake toxic wood up in there.  You know me!  No toxins in my baby’s nursery.  So down it all came.   Speaking of toxins, just like in your brother’s room, everything is non-toxic, and certified to be the lowest toxicity levels possible (this is NOT an easy task- only a handful (3) companies make baby furniture that is Greenguard Certified).  We went all organic and American made where we could.  So rest assured, your nursery is fit for a queen.

Maybe I should back up a bit and explain- that when I say “We” did this, and it involves some sort of manual labor- that’s always your Daddy.  I am the designer of the family.  I create in my head what I want, I find out a way to do it, and then I give the plans to your Dad.  Then he makes it happen.  It’s not always (almost never) easy, but the outcome is always great.  We did many many many personalized projects in your room.  The first was the paint.  I decided I MUST have a Moroccan stenciled design on the bottom of your wall.  For anyone who has ever stenciled- it is a horrible task.  But your Dad did it, and redid it, and then redid it some more until it looked right.

I ordered in a custom made vinyl map sticker off of Etsy for above your crib- another hard to install item.  Probably my favorite project in your nursery is the Made-By-Daddy suitcase shelves on your wall.   Once Dad and I decided on the World Travel theme, I had my heart set on suitcase shelves.  Dad and I scoured the Peddler’s Mall and yard sales for vintage suitcases.  We accrued quite a collection.  We mapped out on the wall which ones we wanted where by using painter’s tape to make the layout until it looked right.  Dad then sawed them with a skil saw down to size.  He came up with a secure way to get them mounted to the wall so there is no chance of them falling.  That Daddy of yours is so talented! He’s handsome, he cooks, he cleans, he plays guitar,  sings AND he can make just about anything with his hands. We got a winner with this man!

My next favorite project for your room is your name above the dresser.  I searched through our Europe trip photos and found pictures that spell out EMELYN from our travels.  Represented in the photos are: England, Scotland, France, and Switzerland.    Even the frame has a custom touch.  I loved the burlap on it, but the color of the wood was black.  So I asked Daddy to paint it brown, but then sand it down in order to age it and allow a little bit of the original black to show through.  Now it looks great!   I think it is really cool that in both your room, and your brother’s room there is a custom designed paint job designed by me, and completed by your Dad,  unique shelving made by Daddy in both rooms (record shelves in Lucas’ room, and suitcase shelves in yours), and a name project in both rooms with photographs taken by me (music equipment in Lucas’ room, and travel photos in yours).

Lastly, several other pieces in your nursery have sentimental meaning. The small side table next to your awesome chair belong to my grandmother’s mother (Granny Gooch’s mom).  So your Great Great Grandmother.  On the inside is written Brendon Joyce (Granny Gooch’s brother) in a child’s cursive handwriting.  I also had this table as a little girl next to my bed.  For as long as I can remember it has been missing the knob.  I used to pride myself on being able to stick a pencil in the hole and get it opened.   Your Dad and I have now replaced the hardware so it can function again.    Moving on to your tall chest of drawers- this was also mine as a child.  We have replaced all the knobs with cool world map knobs.

Throughout your room there are touches of personalization everywhere.  The accent color I chose is a vintage teal/turquoise that perfectly matches the theme.  I searched high and low for items to make your room special.   From above your curtains, to the hanger on the back of your door- everything is hand picked just for you.   At your shower we got some really cool items (a signed globe and a cool Dr. Suess print), and while there was no room to actually hang them on your walls because I already had everything done- we are going to hang them on the inside of your closet.  Even your closet will match the theme.

To summarize, each and every custom project in your nursery was made and designed by your Dad and I with you in mind.  We hope one day you will love it as much as we do.  You are treasured already Emelyn Catherine.  We love you little girl!










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2 thoughts on “Emelyn’s Nursery- Vintage World Travel

  • Deanna

    So COOOOOL!!! I hope she is as adventurous as her room will encourage her to be! Not many things better in life than travel and being brave that I have found. Good job Will, Sarah and Lucas!!