A Musical Rock n Roll Nursery for Lucas 17

A Musical Rock n Roll Nursery for Lucas

Your nursery is DONE!   Your Dad and I are so pleased with the result!!  We designed almost everything in it ourselves, and best of all it’s all non-toxic (which was not easy to find, I might add!)

I thought up the inspiration for the painted music wall behind your crib, and your  genius Dad designed it on the computer, and then projected it onto the wall, so he could trace it.  We then had it painted.  Hopefully you love music and guitars as much as your Dad does!!

My personal favorite are the letters above your changing table, they spell out “LUCAS”.   I took the photos myself of different types of musical equipment, and then we had them blown up on canvas.  Aren’t we crafty?!?

The table is in the shape of a guitar pick, and we customized it by having sheet music (your Dad picked the song “Across the Universe” by the Beatles) blown up onto poster board, and then Dad cut it down to size to fit the table.   The light on top of the table is in the shape of a bongo drum.

In your reading nook, your Dad heated up some old records, and bent them to make your bottom shelves.   We then stacked books on them so you’d be able to reach them one day!   And we can’t forget the “All You Need Is Love”  (The Beatles) print :)     Even your hangers on the back of the door are musical shaped.

Of course I had to install organizational stuff in your closet (I loooooove organization!)  We also ordered in some custom bedding since we couldn’t find anything that would match our design.  It’s all organic and turned out great!
Overall, we searched high and low to make your nursery the perfect unique, and safe combination of who we are.  We hope you love it as much as we do!!

And without further ado, may I present to you, your nursery:












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17 thoughts on “A Musical Rock n Roll Nursery for Lucas

  • Aunt Beth

    Will, Sarah, and baby Lucas,
    This is an awesome nursery. You are truly blessed. We love you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Uncle Calvin and Aunt Beth

  • Aunt Pat

    If Lucas doesn’t turn out to be musical I’ll wonder why! What a lovely nursery. I really like the colors and originality. Great Job!

  • Katie Coe

    Incredible, amazing, truely superb ! of course, I expect nothing less for MYYY nephew.

    I can’t wait to play with him in that room.

  • Sukh


    My wife and I were searching for a unique nursery theme, and we absolutely fell in love with what you have done for Lucas (since we love music and dance). Would you mind sharing the design for the painted music wall that you created? We would like to have a focus wall like that for our little one arriving in August.

    Also, the musical notes above the window…is that a sticker, decal or actual hanging?

    Would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

  • Kelly

    I came across your pictures while searching for a rock and roll nursey idea for our little expected bean! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you did!!! Just like the person above asked would you mind sharing the wall design?? I thought it was wallpaper or decals…but i read how you did it. That would be so great!!!

    Thank You so much!!

    Kelly Daugherty

    • Sarah Post author

      Thank You :) My husband did the design himself on the computer, so at some point I believe he is going to upload it to the website if people want to use it, but for now he says he’s too busy with the baby :)

  • Ashley

    outstanding!!! i adore the beatles references…across the universe is such a great song. the “lucas” letters are so creative, i want to pin your pictures, what an amazing nursery!

  • Michelle

    The nursery is absolutely rockin’!!!! Love the colors and all of the details. Would you mind sharing where you got the guitar canvas prints from and the custom bedding? Thank you so much!