June 2016

Hi Babies,

June was another busy month for us (is there ever a month that is not? haha!)  I turned 35 in June, and am so pleased of how my life has gone so far.  I have an amazing job, the world’s best husband, and two gorgeous, well rounded, awesome kids.   What more can one want to accomplish in 35 years of life?  I truly have everything I ever dreamed my life could be.  We worked hard to get what we have in this life, and put effort into maintaining our relationship, marriage, and the relationships of our other family and best friends.  We are loved by so many people.  What a great life this is!   Father’s Day was also this month, we celebrated Daddy, and the amazing man that he is.  I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  In fact, I’ll say it over and over and over again.  There is no better husband or father out there.  He takes the top awards on everything.  He is so awesome.  Lucas- I hope you grow up to be a man just like your Dad.   And Emme, I hope you strive to find a man who treats his lady and his kids the way Daddy treats us.     Speaking of your Dad’s awesomeness.  Guess what he did, oh you know, along with his full time job, and juggling a family too, he designed and hand built two of the coolest guitar amps ever!  He threw his blood, sweat and tears into these amps, and made them exactly what he would like in a guitar amp.  Him and his buddy debuted Broken Crow Amplification at the Summer NAMM show (a huuuuge music show in Nashville) in June to critical appraise.  They, for real, were the hit of the show.   It was the first time I was away from either one of you longer than one night (besides when Emme was born, which was 2 nights away from Lukie)).   One of the amps actually won Premier Guitar Magazine’s Editor’s Pick the first day.   So many people were talking about them, it was so awesome.  I was so so so proud.  Your Aunt Jera, Uncle Kevin, and Daddy’s best friends Raymond, and Matt Petty came to the show to give their support.    In the subsequent months after that, Daddy’s first creation was chosen to go on the COVER of Premier Guitar Magazine- the magazine’s print and multimedia platforms combined served 1.5 million unique readers per month, making it the most read magazine on this topic worldwide….  The most read magazine WORLDWIDE.  Your Dad’s amp.  The amp he built in our kitchen, and in our sunroom, and all over our floors.  So not only is he devilishly handsome, such a harder worker and intelligent he has raised up the ranks of his current company to the title of Chief Operating Officer in just a year,  and overall awesome person, he now just added official badass to that resume.   Oh you know, just hit the cover of the biggest gear magazine in the world, all in a day’s work!

So phew, I know, a lot of excitement this month.   So many other things happened too, it’s hard to keep it all straight!   Your Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin came in to Louisville to celebrate their birthdays.  PopPop watched both of you (for the first time alone- eek! All 3 of you survived hahaha!) in an awesome hotel room/apartment at the Galt House Hotel on the river.   Your Dad and I went on a double date with Jera and Kevin and had such a fun night!!  The next day we took you guys to the waterfront so you could play in the spray park by the river, and you had a blast.   Emme, you are talking so much now, always surprising us with new words you know, crackers! bubbles! and so many more.   Lukie, you went to a rock n roll camp this month, it’s so fitting for your personality!    I got to meet your new friend, Caroline Smith, the daughter of one of my longtime BFFs, Brooks!  I am so lucky to have awesome friends having kids at the same time as me.  Who would have imagined we’d all grow up from the young whippersnappers we were, to the women we are now with families of our own?

The last major thing that happened this month was the departure of Graham from our house.  Lucas, you and Graham have been such great friends all these years.  For the longest time it was the 3 musketeers of Lucas, Graham and Rylie.   Graham is moving on to a new preschool, and he will be so so missed.  What a lucky boy you are Lucas to have had two such great friends at this early stage of life.  Your BFFs.  The only names you ever name characters in the stories you tell.  The best friends a boy could have.   We wish him luck at his new school.  I made some collages (below) of you and him playing together over the years.  It’s crazy to see the changes over the years.

I love you two so much.   I hope you know that.  And one day, when you look back at these posts, I hope you can tell the effort your Dad and I put into making sure you know every day how loved and appreciated you are.






































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