May 2016

Hi my babies,

The month of May was busy, as are all of our months, it seems.  We had the Coe Family lamb roast over at Muncle Mike’s house, and even your Uncle Joey was in town for it!  Aunt Jera and Uncle Kevin came too, and you guys thoroughly enjoyed playing with everyone and getting the extra attention.  It was also my second mother’s day as a Mom of two kids.  A great feeling :)   We drove to TN this month to watch your cousin, Camron, graduate from high school, and wish him well as he prepares to enter the Marines.

Both of you are going through so many changes, Emme- you weigh about 20 lbs, say Memme and sometimes even say Emme correctly, ask where bub is, always looking under the blankets for him if he’s at school.  You love to look at us all and say “mama dada bubba, mama dada bubba” over and over again”. You say lots of other words too besides Mama, Dadda, Bubba, Memme/Emme-  you say Leese for Elyse, uh oh, bye bye, hi, no, ball, baby, woof woof, cat hot, num num (for yummy).    By the end of May you were jibberjabbering so much more.     Lucas- you love messing with your sis.  You love to interact with her, although it’s on your (very rough) terms haha.   You love working with your Daddy, and doing whatever he is doing.  You love MOVIE NIGHTS with “poptorn”, and snuggles with your Mama and Daddy.  You still sneak out of your bed every night in the middle of the night and get in bed with us.   You both get 3 books read to you every night, even though you beg for more.

You are both awesome kids, challenging, but awesome haha.  We love you so so so much!


















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