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PicMonkey Collage BothMarch9!
Hi Sweeties! March has come and went and we had so many exciting things going on!  Emme, you had your first swimming lesson.  You sank like a rock hahaha!  Looked me dead in the eye, let go of the side of the pool, and just sank!  I screamed and jumped […]

March 2018

PicMonkey Collage BothJan22
Hi Sweeties, Welcome to 2018! I hope it’s filled with health, love and laughter!   This month was filled with more fun activities, hanging out with friends, birthday parties, arts & crafts, and all kinds of fun stuff.   Emme, you got your first “naughty” note home from school, and it was […]

Jan 2018

PicMonkey Collage BothDec69
Hi Sis Atkinson and Bub Atkinson, What a fun December you guys had!  One of the most fun months of the year because of our favorite holiday- Christmas!!  We have a family tradition of decorating, we listen to festive holiday music, and we drink Egg Nog (C.F Burger’s Eggnog, not […]

Dec 2017

PicMonkey Collage BothNov32 1
Dear Sweeties, We were busy (again) this month.  The early part of the month was filled with some abnormally warm weather, we even took advantage of the high temps and went to Evan’s Orchard for some family fun.  Man oh man, do you guys love the orchards!  We spend time […]

Nov 2017